Worldwide Pets

When Andrew is abroad he meets lots of pets and other interesting animals and here are some of their pics.  

Please feel free to contribute if you have been on holiday and met some cute creatures!  Just email Suzi on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

These feral cats all visit the garden of one of our customers, Mr & Mrs Attwood, at her property in France - 
"These are all feral cats and their kittens who moved into my garden in France last year. We fed them every day. The last photo is Rangoon, the French cat who lived close by, but he came to eat too.....cheeky!"

Attwood Ferals 1 Attwood Ferals 2 Attwood Ferals 3
Attwood Ferals 4 Attwood Ferals 5 Attwood Ferals 6
Attwood Ferals 7 Attwood Ferals 8 Attwood Ferals 9
Attwood Ferals 10 Attwood Ferals 11 Attwood Ferals 12

Cute cats in Boracay, Philippines.  All the residents feed them.

Kittens boracay 1Kittens boracay 2

Dogs out and about in Boracay, Philippines

Boracay Dogs 1Boracay Dogs 2boracay Dogs 3boracay Dogs 4boracay Dogs 4boracay Dogs 6

Some beautiful images from Ayutthaya Ancient City in Thailand - you may just spot someone amongst the chickens!!

Ayutthaya ancient city ThailandAyutthaya ancient city Thailand 2Ayutthaya ancient city Thailand chickensAyutthaya ancient city Thailand 3Ayutthaya ancient city Thailand dog

Beach dog, Tablas Island, Philippines

Beach dog 1Beach dog 2Beach dog 3

Market cat in Laoag City, Philippines

market cat

An alternative "pet" from Andrews travels!


Captions please!!! This is Trum Trum from Singapore, belonging to HQ, a Singaporian vet.  Trum Trum had tetanus so she has permanently stiff legs!  That obviously doesn't affect her cleaning regime!  Striking a pose Trum Trum??

Trum trum

Giant Tortise in Galapagos Islands (Shared by Caroline Whitbread)

Tortoise galapagos

This is Brandy, he lives in a launderette in Boracay, Philippines

Brandy 1

Meet Chokun from Chiang Mai!!.


Mod from Bangkok again showing his true colours!

Mod 5

A Bangkok cat called Mod!  Owned by Yu.  Can you tell which one was taken at Chinese New Year??

Mod 1Mod 2Mod 3Mod 4

Here are some dogs belonging to Andrew's friend Nok, in Bangkok.  3 month old Husky called Sania, 6 month old Labrador called Bailey, and 13 year old Retriver Jasmine and friend (friend now passed away)

Bangkok JasmineBangkok BaileyBangkok Sania


Orphaned baby monkey in Palawan, Philippines.  Andrew is looking so worried as it wouldn't let go!  He was worried it might bite and infect him!

orphaned monkey

Stray kitten being taken care of in the Philippines

Stray kitten

Lori the Husky and cat Olle "enjoying Rock & Roll!" in Bali

Lori husky Olle Rock Roll

Cool biker cat in Boracay, Philippines

Cool cat 2

Hawk Moth in Bali

Hawk Moth

Sports Bar cat in Sihanoukville in Cambodia - where Andrew recently attended a vet conference.  (Proof he doesn't just go away for pleasure!)

Sports Bar Cat

Duoduo and Feifei, belonging to friends of Andrew, they live in Guilin City in China

duoduo feifei 1duoduo feifei 2duoduo feifei 3

duoduo feifei 4duoduo feifei 5duoduo feifei 6

Pictures of a cat in the train ticket sales window at railway station in Pingxi in Taiwan - playing Peekaboo!

Station cat aStation cat bStation cat c  

This dog was sitting on the edge of the busy road looking across the street for about 10 minutes. Then this lady picked him up, carried him across and put him down and off he went! In Saigon, Vietnam

crossing road 3crossing road 2crossing road

Pampered pup at neighbour's shop, Boracay Island, Philippines.

pampered puppampered pup 2

A sadly not so pampered pup.  No owners but getting fed by lots of people.

not pamperednot pampered 2

Not really pets. But l did let them fly away after taking their portraits. The green one stayed a short while!

Butterfly 1Butterfly 2Butterfly 3

This lab pup lived in Beachside Hotel, Panay Island, Phillipines, and weed on the floor outside our room every night!

lab pup1lab pup2

Lots of cute goats on Panay Island, Philippines

panay goats 1panay goats 2panay goats 3

Here is "Sparta" from Chengdu, China, with Cecilia

pets around the world 20150521 2058617387pets around the world 20150521 1329021853pets around the world 20150521 1495716680

17/9/15 - PHILIPPINES - Benji and Mushka, neigbours' pets outside their home.  The majority of Philippine pet dogs are gentle and friendly and don't bark all that much - thank goodness!!

Benji mushka 28 9 15

And here is "Big Lichuyan" also from Chengdu, China

pets around the world 20150521 1100941707

Receptionist Suzi met this beautiful young stray recently in Falaraki, Rhodes.  Her daughter named her "Grace".  There were lots of strays and lots of kittens unfortunately, Suzi would love to have rescued them all, or at least had all the females neutered!

Grace Rhodes

Grace Rhodes 2Kittens Rhodes

Bunnies from Bangkok!!  Here are Mali (white), meaning Jasmine, and Piti, meaning delight.  They belong to Muay from Bangkok

pets around the world 20150521 1395145584pets around the world 20150521 1296756330pets around the world 20150521 1578850550