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Duncan's London to Paris Bike Ride for Dog's Trust


Duncan bike with logo

This September, I will be getting on my bike and cycling 300 miles from London to Paris.  At the same time, I am hoping to raise money to help the local Dogs Trust Rehoming Centre near Canterbury.

Having been forced to retire from the other sports I used to enjoy, I have now donned the Lycra, spent far too much money on a new bike and now cycle as often as I can.  Having successfully done a few local long distance events, I am training hard for this next challenge.

On the first day I will pedal from London down to Dover, hop on the ferry to Calais then continue for another 3 days through the French countryside until I reach the finish point under the Eiffel Tower.  Each leg of the ride will be around 75 miles, meaning 6-7 hours in the saddle every day; thankfully, I have a good pair of padded shorts!

Earlier this year we re-homed a dog from Dogs Trust; Maisie came to the Canterbury centre from Ireland and as soon my wife and daughters went to see her they knew she was ‘the one’.  She was described by the staff as ‘a live wire’ and certainly lives up to that reputation, but she charms everyone she meets and has proved to be an excellent companion to our other dog Dougal, a black Labrador, and very quickly established herself as part of the family.


I was very impressed with the way the Canterbury centre was run, the staff who we dealt with and also how the whole ‘adoption’ process was organised so am delighted to have the opportunity to help them out in this way.  I am paying for the trip out of my own pocket so every pound raised will go direct to Dogs Trust Canterbury.

I will be posting regular updates on the Wigmore Veterinary Centre Facebook page so you can follow firstly how the training is going, then more importantly keep up-to-date with my progress on the ride itself from 13th to 16th September.

If you would like to support me and the Dogs Trust Canterbury you can do so in 3 ways:

  1. Write your details on a sponsor form and leave your donation with the reception staff at the Wigmore surgery.
  2. Make an anonymous donation in the collection box at reception.
  3. Visit www.justgiving.com/duncanrossl2p and make your donation online.  Thank you very much for your support.

Thank you for your support.

Here is Maisie with her housemate Dougal and also showing just how comfortable she is in her new home! 

Maisie Dougal

Maisie in bed

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