New Broad Spectrum Parasite Control for Dogs

 Simparica for Spec Offer

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Tick-borne disease is an increasing risk to UK dogs and their owners. Ticks can transmit serious diseases, such as Lyme disease, Anaplasmosis, Babesiosis and Ehrlichiosis. Some of these can be deadly. If you regularly walk through long grass, parks, meadows or woodland, it may only be a matter of time before your dog is exposed to ticks. Once attached to your dog’s skin, ticks engorge themselves on your pet’s blood and it’s during this time that ticks can transmit deadly diseases.

The good news is we can now offer a tasty tablet that is uniquely indicated to kill 99% of ticks found in the UK and it kills fleas fast too. Click below to get a free month’s worth of treatment with your next purchase to get you started - or pop in and see how you can get a free month without going here

Please contact us for price comparison with other products.

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Bunny Package


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5 Week Free Pet Insurance!!



As a fully accredited Vetsure practice we are able to offer our clients an exclusive offer with Vetsure Pet Insurance - 5 weeks cover free of charge*.  In order to benefit from this offer, you can follow the link on our website or pop into our practice and we will arrange for Vetsure to contact you and put your cover in place today!

At the point of contact Vetsure will help you understand the different levels of cover available. Whatever level of cover you choose, Vetsure will then give you the first 5 weeks free of charge.  You can cancel at any time during this period without obligation.  At the end of the 5 week period (provided you have not chosen to cancel) Vetsure will collect your first monthly instalment – this way, your pet will not have any potential ‘gaps’ in cover.

For more information call the Vetsure team on: 0800 050 2022 or visit our vetsure page HERE to learn more about the policies on offer.

*Terms and conditions apply – visit for details on cover available.

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Free Worming Offer

Free Worming Offer

Dogs and cats very commonly get infested with fleas and we consider STRONGHOLD is the best product to treat and prevent this problem. It is the only anti-flea product that also passes into and treats the home environment to prevent the flea eggs and larvae from developing into adult fleas. This stops re-infestation. It is quick and easy to apply and is effective for 30 days. Stronghold is not affected by bathing and has an excellent safety profile for both pets and their owners. It also controls ear mites, mange (dogs), hookworms (cats), lice and most importantly, roundworms (which can cause illness and even blindness in humans).

SPECIAL OFFER FOR DOGS: With every 6 months supply of Stronghold purchased you will receive FREE tape-worm treatment.

Call now - 01634 388045

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Well Pet Blood Test Offer

Excellent value at just £21.35!!!!!!

We recommend our low cost Well-Pet programme which may recognise underlying health conditions in apparently healthy pets.

As pets age at the rate of 6 to 7 human years each year, some serious conditions can develop long before you notice signs your pet is feeling poorly.

This test is part of our approach for preventative health care and is used to screen for the early stages of some diseases and looks at kidneys, liver, red blood cells and protein levels.

Please give us a call on 01634 388045 so that we can book your pet in.

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