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Morpheus is a young cat with a beautiful long white coat and who loves a fuss.  At about a year old he used up one of his nine lives when he was hit by a car and suffered a fractured pelvis but thankfully made a full recovery.

His owners brought him in earlier this year because he kept being sick.  He was still keen to eat but vomited everything back up soon afterwards.  As a result he was losing weight, had lost his ‘oomph’ and was spending most of his time asleep.

b2ap3_thumbnail_morpheous2.jpgOur vet Duncan realised as soon as he saw Morpheus that there was a serious problem and immediately started investigations.  Initial blood tests showed that he had severe inflammation somewhere in his body and he was anaemic.  However these tests alone were not sufficient to give us a definite diagnosis.

Despite aggressive treatment with anti-biotics, anti-inflammatories, anti-vomiting drugs and gut protectants, Morpheus did not improve and so we advised exploratory surgery of his abdomen (laparotomy) to try and identify the cause of the problem.

When we opened into his abdomen we found that his small intestine was very swollen just before the junction with the large intestine.  Duncan incised into his intestine and found a large shiny mass inside blocking it completely.

As the mass was firmly attached to the inner gut wall we had to completely remove a portion of his small intestine and re-join the cut ends using a technique known as anastomosis.  This has to be done with great care to make sure the join is water-tight; if not then gut contents leak out and cause peritonitis with often fatal consequences.

Biopsy results from the mass showed the presence of plant material, so Morpheus must have eaten something sharp from the garden which had penetrated the wall of his intestine and the reaction to this  had caused the blockage.

Morpheus recovered well after surgery and amazingly by very next day he had started to eat properly without being sick!  Within a few days he was back to his normal self and putting on weight .  So that’s the second of his lives gone and let’s hope he doesn’t start helping in the garden again!

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Free Worming Offer

Free Worming Offer

Dogs and cats very commonly get infested with fleas and we consider STRONGHOLD is the best product to treat and prevent this problem. It is the only anti-flea product that also passes into and treats the home environment to prevent the flea eggs and larvae from developing into adult fleas. This stops re-infestation. It is quick and easy to apply and is effective for 30 days. Stronghold is not affected by bathing and has an excellent safety profile for both pets and their owners. It also controls ear mites, mange (dogs), hookworms (cats), lice and most importantly, roundworms (which can cause illness and even blindness in humans).

SPECIAL OFFER FOR DOGS: With every 6 months supply of Stronghold purchased you will receive FREE tape-worm treatment.

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Well Pet Blood Test Offer

Excellent value at just £21.35!!!!!!

We recommend our low cost Well-Pet programme which may recognise underlying health conditions in apparently healthy pets.

As pets age at the rate of 6 to 7 human years each year, some serious conditions can develop long before you notice signs your pet is feeling poorly.

This test is part of our approach for preventative health care and is used to screen for the early stages of some diseases and looks at kidneys, liver, red blood cells and protein levels.

Please give us a call on 01634 388045 so that we can book your pet in.

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