Breathe Easy

Thomas October 2016

Thomas is a very lively, 8 year old pug.  He has a very cute wrinkly face typical for his breed.  Unfortunately this type of face often comes with abnormal airway structures causing difficulty with breathing.

Dogs with this shape of head are classified as Brachycephalic (meaning short headed) and the syndrome they frequently suffer from is known as Brachycephalic Obstructive Airway Syndrome or BOAS for short. They have a combination of features which commonly cause narrowing of the airways in the nose, throat and trachea and make it difficult for air to pass cleanly and efficiently in and out of the lungs.  Affected dogs make loud ‘snoring’ noises when they breathe and often are very short of breath, especially when exercised.

Thomas had always made noises with his breathing but as he advanced into middle age this problem became worse.  At night especially, when his was asleep and his facial muscles relaxed, he snored very loudly and had difficulty breathing.  This kept him and Mr. & Mrs. Blundell awake at night, often for long periods - both of them were feeling very weary!

Our vet, Duncan, examined Thomas and identified that he had badly misshapen nostrils resulting in very small openings for air to get into his nose.  Duncan advised that Thomas needed complex surgery to modify the shape of the nostrils and create bigger openings.  The surgery went well and the pictures show how much Thomas’ nose was improved.


Thomas recovered well after the operation and Mr. & Mrs. Blundell noticed a big improvement in his breathing straightaway.

At last they were both able to get a good night’s sleep!

sleeping together

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