Dental Awareness Month - March 2018

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Here at Wigmore Vets we believe oral hygiene is very important.  Gum disease is one of the most common diseases in dogs & cats - from recent studies between 60-80% of our pets are affected.

Gum inflammation, or Gingivitis, is caused by the build-up of a film of Plaque on the teeth.  Plaque is made up of saliva, food and bacteria, which sit on the tooth surface.  It is difficult to see and if not cleaned forms a hard deposit called tartar.  This can build up to the point it covers the tooth and may cause discomfort when eating and make the mouth smell.  
The tartar then irritates the gum surrounding the tooth, causing redness and swelling and causes attachment loss which leads to wobbly teeth.  It can be painful for the pet and even cause loss of appetite.  As your pet chews their food the inflamed gums may bleed, releasing bacteria and toxins into your pet’s blood stream, making your pet unwell.

WATCH & SNIFF for signs:
Bad Breath (Halitosis) is often the 1st thing you, as the animals guardian, notice as a result of dental disease.  Gingivitis and plaque can both contribute to the unpleasant smell in the mouth.  By controlling the plaque bad breath will often subside.

Here is a short video showing what the gums and teeth can look like before and after dental treatment - 

Most cats and dogs do need dental treatment at some stage in their lives, but generally the more you can do to support your pet’s oral health and hygiene the less chance there is of needing veterinary treatment.

Brushing your pet’s teeth can be FUN and ENJOYABLE for you both and the daily routine will soon be easy to carry out.  Here is a video of our nurses brushing Noah's teeth:

We recommend using a specifically designed toothbrush along with a Veterinary Toothpaste, as human toothpaste contains Fluoride and is toxic to pets.  Although it is best to start a daily routine with your pet at an early age, it is never too late to start with older animals

We care about your pet’s dental health and wellbeing, so during MARCH for our dental awareness month, we are offering 15% discount on all dental procedures.  Along with some great FREEBIES and an in-depth oral homecare appointment with one of our trained nurses!

Why not call us today and book your cat or dog in to see one of our nurses and find out how YOU can help your pets oral hygiene. You will receive an oral care goodie bag, including oral gels, chews (for dogs), diet samples and a 1:1 demonstration on how to brush your pet’s teeth!

Here is a picture of our goodie bags, together with some of our dental range of products - 

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